During the late 1970’s, artist Nancy Marie Barnes officially began her career in abstract art, using mostly pencil and pen&ink.  Since the early 1990’s she has sold dozens of her pieces throughout the United States and Canada.  She displays and sells her work on her web site, while maintaining her own personal collection on display in their home studio. 

Nancy enjoys and creates contemporary abstract art, seeking to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.  Her art pieces are a study of lines, free-flowing curves, space, contrast, natural abstract forms and shapes.  In her art, she strives for fluid movement, creating grace, freedom, and airy lightness.  Her artwork embraces, with the ordinary or simple, immense beauty in its utter simplicity.

Nancy is basically “self-taught” but has taken some art classes.  Mostly, she “expresses herself” in a free-form technique, and her art has been categorized by some as surrealism.

She has worked in oil, watercolor, ink, and pencil, but her love is black ink on white, with double or triple white matting accompanied by a narrow black trim and simple black or silver frame. 

You are warmly invited to visit this web site often and enjoy and maybe purchase her artwork.